Eating at Someone’s House

Being invited over to a friend’s house for a meal can be somewhat stressful for both you and your hosts. Here are some tips to make things run smoothly. Again, it is all about planning ahead and communicating. When you first get the invitation, be upfront with your host and let them know that you are intolerant of gluten (as well as any other food intolerances/allergies). Explain what that means. Sometimes, a host is willing to accommodate you and if you are confident that they will be able to manage without cross contaminating your food, then accept graciously. Otherwise, offer to bring your own food or bring a dish to share with everyone. I have used both approaches successfully. Most often, I end up bringing my own food. In this case, I ask the host what they will be serving and try to bring something similar so it isn’t so obvious to everyone that I am eating differently. I also always work hard to put people at ease to eat in front of me with no guilt. I honestly enjoy watching people eat food they enjoy and it really doesn’t bother me not to be eating it too. If this isn’t the case for you, try focussing on the fact that you are still a part of the group, enjoying the meal together. Focus on the conversation, the atmosphere, etc.